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Professional Horse Services LLC has teamed up with EDJE Auctions, a leader in the field of online livestock auctions, to produce online auctions. Our auctions are operated with the latest in online auction technology and support directed by one of the leading show horse auction companies in the world. Our staff is available to help sellers and buyers get the information needed to make the transaction as easy and effective as possible.

Just like our live auctions, we do the marketing and promotion, handle the paperwork and handle the transaction. The bidding is done completely online during a specified time frame. Your horse(s) stay at home and are presented to potential buyers on their online catalog page. We will guide you in providing the information, photos and videos that will encourage buyers to bid on your horse.

Professional Horse Services LLC will promote the online auction through the same proven marketing that has reached nearly 35,000 buyers from around the world for 35 years. In addition to extensive Internet promotion on major equine web sites, we will send emails to our exclusive newsletter list and through email blasts to 500,000 active horse people.

Sellers can enter online using the convenient ONLINE ENTRY FORM that is available at Entries can also be made by mail or fax with an entry form downloaded from or requested from our office. Sellers can post up to 6 pictures and 4 videos for each horse. Take advantage of articles that are available to help take better photos and videos.

We ask our sellers to provide more information than you will find on any other Internet horse marketing site. In addition to more initial information, Buyers will have time to inspect horses, perform pre-purchase veterinary exams and correspond with Sellers.

There are several options for placing reserves or minimum bids on your horse.

– Sells with NO Reserve – Will sell to the highest bidder.

– Sell at or above a Minimum Starting Bid – Will sell to the highest bidder that meets or bid higher than a minimum opening bid.

– Sell with an undisclosed Minimum Price – Minimum price is not posted. The Seller determines the lowest bid that will be accepted. The bid will be placed in the EDJE system, which will automatically place bids for the seller until the bid has reached the reserve bid. If the reserve bid is not reached, the horse is not sold and is retained by the Seller.

– Sell Subject to Seller Confirmation. Seller will have 24 hours to confirm and accept the final price following the close of the auction to decide to accept the final bid in the auction. If the seller does not respond the horse will NOT be sold.

ProHorseServices Online Auctions offer a feature where a Buyer can “Make An Offer” on a horse as soon as it is listed in the online catalog. A Seller can accept an offer, negotiate with the Buyer or let the horse go to the auction bidding process. This feature has generated a lot of activity on horses and several Buyers.

After you have entered your horse online or faxed your entry to us, send the original registration papers to us along with a signed transfer report. We need the original papers and transfer to assure Buyers that the paperwork is in order. A copy of your horses Coggins test is also required. Please keep the original as it must travel with the horse to its new home.

The online sale catalog information will be posted on the auction website. Later entries will be added to the end of the appropriate session. Remember, early entries will have more time for Buyers to shop them.

The Seller will keep the horse free of charge for 5 days following the close of the auction. PHS will notify the Seller when Buyers payment has cleared so Seller can release the horse. Buyers are responsible for transportation arrangements and cost.

Buyers: Bidder Registration Required
A bidder must go to to register and be approved to receive a bidder number before they can bid. By registering to bid, they are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions stated by Professional Horse Services, LLC. and By placing a successful bid, the bidder is entering into a binding agreement between Professional Horse Services, LLC. and the seller. Once accepted, bids may not be retracted or cancelled.

Bidders may contact the Seller to discuss the horse, to arrange a visit and inspect or have a veterinarian examine the horse. The seller will provide information on the horse’s disposition, training and health history and it will be available on the web catalog page.

Bidding will open and close at a specific time and date, which is listed for each auction.

Bidding on lots will close every 3 minutes. A SOFT CLOSE bidding system is used. If bids are received within the last 3 minutes on the countdown timer on a horse, an additional 3 minutes will be added on that lot. Only after a 3 minute period passes with no additional bidding will the bidding close. Bidders have more time to think and react than with a live auction.

Bidding Procedure: After the bid opening, a bidder may place individual bids that are $50 higher than the previous bid up to $2,000, after this level is reached bid amounts go to $100 as indicated by the auction system. Alternatively, a Bidder may place maximum (proxy) bids where they declare the maximum dollar amount they want to bid, and the computer will bid on their behalf until they have successfully purchased the horse or the asking price exceeds the amount of their maximum bid.

Buyers will be notified if they are the successful purchaser of a horse via email, immediately after the bidding closes, unless the horse is sold subject to seller confirmation.

Buyers are required to complete payment through Professional Horse Services, LLC. within 3 business days of the close of bidding on each horse they purchase or once the sale is confirmed for a horse subject to seller confirmation.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for transportation to get their new horse delivered. The seller may charge board for keeping the horse after 5 days from the date the auction closes.

This is an overview of the Online Auction procedure. Be sure to read the Conditions of Sale. Please ask for assistance if you need help with any aspect of the Online Auction.

Remember – Whether you are selling or buying – You get out of it what you put into it!

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