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Professional Horse Services LLC has teamed up with EDJE Auctions, a leader in the field of online livestock auctions, to produce internet auctions. Our auctions are operated with the latest in internet auction technology and support; and are directed by one of the leading show horse auction companies in the world. Our staff is available to help sellers and buyers get the information needed to make the transaction as easy and effective as possible.

Under the Internet Auction Tab:   Click on the Auction Name to view entry information and auction details.

From the Auction Page, you can Enter your horse online from your computer or tablet; or download, print, complete and return the print entry form.

* There are several options available for placing a reserve or minimum price on your horse.

* Horses CAN be sold before Bidding begins. A bidder can “Make An Offer” for a horse, which is passed on to the seller by the auction company. The offer can be accepted, declined, or a price can be negotiated that suits both buyer and seller.

* Pro Horse Services invoices all buyers and collects the sale proceeds. Once money is received, both buyer and seller receive a Buyer Confirmation email that contains contact information for each party. Transportation arrangements can be made at that time.

* Registration papers, transfers, and breeders certificates or registration applications are all handled by Pro Horse Services. Paperwork is mailed to the new owner 10 business days after the close of bidding and once all proceeds have been received.

* Transportation of the horse once purchased is the responsibility of the Buyer. Visit the RESOURCES page on our website for a listing of horse transportation companies and websites. The buyer is also responsible for obtaining and paying for a health certificate.

* Sellers are required to keep a horse for 5 days after the close of the auction at no charge. After 5 days they may charge reasonable board if they wish.


* Height of the horse AT THE WITHER should be disclosed for all horses offered. PLEASE use a measuring stick. Selling a horse with an incorrect height measurement is MISREPRESENTATION and you may be required to accept the return of the horse. If you provide a height measurement of the horse at the hip, it must be clearly marked.

* A recent picture of the horse is strongly suggested. A buyer wants to know what the horse that gets off the trailer at their house will look like. We can market your horse using a professional picture that is not recent, but at least one picture taken within 30 days is recommended.

* Think carefully when considering the disposition and handling ratings for your horse. A rating of “1” is considered the BEST; and a rating of “10” is the WORST. If a horse has never been stalled, clipped, trailered or turned out with other horses, do not provide ratings for those items. If you choose to rate a horse at “1” for any item, you are stating that the horse can be handled in that situation by a complete beginner, with no fear of danger to the handler or to the horse.

* Defects and Blemishes include any physical or medical condition of the horse, from scars to warts to a spot in an eye, and everything in between. Answer this question thoughtfully – if you have owned the horse for any length of time there may be issues that you consider normal, but in reality should be disclosed.

* VIDEOS are extremely important for a riding horse, and can also help with the sale of a halter horse. It is extremely unlikely to get an acceptable price for a riding horse that if offered without a video, or with video clips that are only a few seconds long and do not show the horse traveling at all 3 gaits in both directions.


* After the auction has closed, invoices are emailed to all buyers. Payment is required within 3 business days and is paid directly to the auction company.

* Buyer Confirmation emails are sent to the buyer and the seller when the auction company has received sale proceeds.

* Once you have received the buyer confirmation the horse can be released to the new owner.

* Some buyers will require a health certificate in order to transport their horse, which is their financial responsibility. Any assistance you provide is appreciated.


Placing A Bid
* Click on the “Bid” button.
Next Bid is … indicates what the next bid needs to be in order to get IN. Bidding is set in increment amounts. If two bidders bid at the same time, the first bid that reaches the internet auction computer will be given the amount – the second bidder will be asked to bid the next available amount. Click only once to place a bid, Your bid will be visible the next time your page refreshes.

Max Bid
* Enter your maximum bid, then sit back and watch. The auction software automatically bids on your behalf up to your maximum bid. If the lot ends for less than your maximum, that’s all you have to pay. Your maximum is kept confidential from other bidders and from the seller.

* The system only bids as necessary to maintain you as the high bidder. If another bidder has a higher maximum, you’ll be outbid, and will receive an email notification. If no other bidder has a higher maximum, you win the lot. You could pay significantly less then your maximum price! You can return to the auction site at any time to increase your bid.

* The Bid button is not as quick as using the Max Bid. Due to slow internet connections, we cannot guarantee last second bids will get through every time, so please don’t hesitate when bidding one bid at a time. We strongly suggest utilizing the max bid button to ensure your bids are accepted.

* A Soft Close is used: if a bid is placed during the last 3 minutes on the time clock, the system will go into EXTENDED BIDDING, and additional time will be added to the clock to allow the under-bidder to respond. Bidding will not close until the specified time period passes without a bid being placed. Watch the time clock under the picture of the horse to determine how much time remains.

* After the auction has closed, invoices are emailed to all buyers. Payment is required within 3 business days of the close of the auction. Payment is made directly to the auction company.

* Methods of Payment accepted include Credit Card, Bank Wire or Cashiers Check sent by Overnight Mail. A 5% Buyers Premium is charged to All Buyers. All bank fees or credit card fees are covered by the buyer’s premium.

* Buyer Confirmation emails are sent to the buyer and the seller once the auction company has received sale proceeds.


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