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2024 May Internet Auction

Bid from Sunday, May 5 through Tuesday, May 7.
ELITE SESSION for All Ages – For sellers who are willing to provide more information on their horses to build buyer confidence, so they can get the best possible price for their horse.
Sellers must provide x-rays and vet report.  (Vet report form and suggested x-ray views provided by Pro Horse Service).  X-rays must be dated within 90 days and Vet Report dated within 30 days.
Entry Fee: $175 – includes Show and Produce Record of Sire and Dam of Entry produced by QData.
Entries Are CLOSED.

$125 – Basic Entry Fee
$175 – includes Show and Produce Record of Sire and Dam of Entry produced buy QData.
Commission – 10% of Selling Price – NO Buyer’s Premium – Buyers Can Spend More for Your Horse!

$25 – Video Processing Fee – PHS to edit and consolidate videos, including uploading to YouTube.

If horse does not sell – only the Entry [ ]

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