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Showdown at the Throwdown Online Auction

Showdown at the Throwdown Online Auction
We are so excited to announce the Showdown at the Throwdown Saddle Donkey Training Challenge in partnership with Garrett Jackstock of Stilwel,,OK.
Come along on our adventure as Sarah Mills, Lauren Kohli and Candace Shauger select by random draw an unhandled young saddle donkey purchased from Garrett Jackstock. Over the course of the spring and summer we will begin the process of shaping these individuals into well rounded, patiently educated saddle donkeys. We will have weekly updates on their progress which will be posted here on our Facebook page.
The culmination of our challenge will occur at the Carolina Throwdown in October when our challenge champion will be crowned after competing in the NASMDA Training level division at both the North Carolina State Fair and the South Carolina State Fair. The high point scorer in those classes takes the big win!
The three of us feel strongly about the unique and wondrous aspects of donkeys and their capacity to be excellent saddle equines. Our goal is to bring awareness and to provide real time training techniques to those of you who have or have always desired to have a saddle donkey of your own.
Our challenge donkeys will be available for sale by online auction, with the auction closing after the crowning of our challenge winner. It looks to be enormous fun and hopefully an excellent learning opportunity for you our fans and followers and these very special donkeys. Stay tuned for bio’s, weekly updates, and sale details as they become available.
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