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Fundraiser to support AQHA’s Political Action Committee

The AQHA Political Action Committee empowers our members to participate in shaping the political environment.

AQHA has established a Political Action Committee (PAC) with the goal of educating Members of Congress about the size and scope of the American Quarter Horse industry. The PAC is funded only by donations from AQHA members who are United States citizens. The AQHA Political Action Committee helps to ensure AQHA’s voice in Washington, D.C., is strong and powerful. The PAC’s aim is to secure resources to make an impact on the horse industry and those who are involved with it by supporting elected officials in Washington, D.C., or candidates seeking federal legislative offices.

Contributions to the AQHPAC are not deductible for federal income tax purposes as charitable contributions.  The purpose of the AQHPAC is political and contributions will be used for the benefit of candidates for elected office.

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