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2022 Iowa Quarter Horse Breeders Stallion Service Auction

The IQHA Breeder’s Stallion Auction offers the opportunity to stallion owners to donate a service or services of their stallion(s) to this program for purchase by others to breed their mares. The resulting foals of these breedings are then eligible to participate in the IQHA Breeder’s Futurity Classes that are held at the Fall Classic Show.

Foals by the donated stallions are also eligible to participate in the IQHA Breeder’s Incentive Futurity Program. The IQHA Breeder’s Futurity & the IQHA Breeder’s Incentive Futurity Programs are designed to showcase the offspring of these stallions in both halter & performance divisions.

DONATE your Stallion Service HERE

View the Stallion Service Auction Catalog HERE.  Please note:  ALL SERVICES will SELL ONLINE.  Use the “View the Catalog” button at the top of this page.

Current list of stallion services here – please note that more stallion will be added!



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