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•  Halter Broodmare & Prospect Sale - VIEW the Catalog HERE
     Bidding Closes July 6
Entries Still Accepted

•  July INTERNET Auction - VIEW the Catalog HERE
     Bidding Closes July 7
     Entries Still Accepted

   Entry Fee:
      $125 - Basic Entry Fee
      $150 - includes research for Sire & Dam of entry
      Commission:  8% of sale price


•  Performance Broodmare & Prospect Sale
      Bidding Closes August 24
      Entry Deadline:  August 1
        Enter by July 25 for National Advertising

•  August INTERNET Auction
      Bidding Closes August 25
      Entry Deadline:  August 1
       Enter by July 25 for National Advertising

Online Auction Procedures:
- ALL Buyers MUST Register to Bid.
View the countdown clock next to each horse to determine how much time is left before bidding closes.  Bidding on lots closes every 3 minutes.
bidding system is used.  If bids are received within the last 3 minutes on the countdown timer on a horse, an additional 3 minutes will be added on that lot
. Only after a 3 minute period passes with no additional bidding will the bidding close.  Bidders have more time to think and react than with a live auction.
- Payment must be made within 3 business days of close of bidding for each horse.
- Transportation arrangements and payment is the responsibility of the Buyer.

    Please download the Buying Instructions  and  ONLINE AUCTIONS - How It Works at Left for more details.

HOW TO Register to Bid                                                                                    

* Choose "Create An Account" in Brown box, top left, or "Register to Bid" in grey info bar next to "Open to Viewing (or Open for Bidding)".
* Complete Form to create Username and Password.
    OR  Use the username and password you have already created.
* LOGIN with Username and Password.
Select Register to Bid link found in grey info bar next to "Open for Viewing (or Open for Bidding).
* Verify that bank contact and phone number is correct.  Check box to Agree to Terms & Conditions of AuctionSUBMIT.
* Bidding Numbers are assigned manually by auction staff.  Approval to bid can be immediate, or take from 2 to 24 hours, if you have provided all requested information. You will receive an email with your bidder's number.

Please use the HELP button at the top of the Online Bidding Page
The information provided may answer your questions.